The Team

Triple A Management Group S.à.r.l.
The General Partner of the Fund is Triple A Management Group S.à.r.l., a company under the form of a société à responsabilité limitée incorporated under the laws of Luxembourg.
Pursuant to the Articles, the General Partner has responsibility for managing and administering the Company and distributing its Shares in accordance with the Offering Memorandum and the Articles, Luxembourg laws and other relevant legal requirements.
The General Partner is responsible for implementing the investment policy of the Company and its Sub-Funds, subject to investment restrictions set out in this Offering Memorandum. The General Partner has appointed the AIFM, on behalf of the Company, to act as the alternative investment fund manager of the Company.
The Directors of Triple A Management Group are;

Marc Schiettekat

Mr. Marc Schiettekat is a Director and founding Shareholder of the General Partner, Triple A Management Group S.à.r.l..

He has over 36 years’ experience in the wine and vineyard business and his group of international companies (Le Wine, Winco, Master Winemakers) sell over 54 million bottles of wine annually all over the world. His full experience and expertise of the vine and wine business, together with his international contacts and manpower will be at the disposal of the fund and its international subsidiaries whenever needed. These vast resources are available to the management of the fund within the fixed costs of the fund and its subsidiaries as explained in the Fund´s Offering Memorandum.

His companies work in close collaboration with over 50 producers and winemakers from around the world. Among them some of the largest and/or most respected names in the business. They supply over 200 importers and distributors and have the finest relations with a lot of leading supermarket chains.

The interest of Mr. Schiettekat and his companies in the Vine to Wine Fund is full vineyard management and quality control of premium estate wines. The advantage to the Fund and its investors is to have a range of specialists managing the complete wine interests of the Fund with a clear perception of the ongoing movements in the wine business. Additionally, their enormous commercial impact is offering the Fund direct access to the best markets and customers worldwide.

Mr. Schiettekat and his team of 35 expert professionals of the vineyard and wine sectors believe that wine despite its sometimes iconic heights is still an underestimated product and very often treated by producers as mass agriculture. It is his belief that controlling the land, structuring vineyards and supervising the winemaking is the only way to grow fruit towards premium bottles of wine with substantial added value, and a highly desired product with millions of wine lovers around the world. 

Marc Spiessens

Mr. Spiessens is a Director and founding Shareholder of the General Partner, Triple A Management Group S.à.r.l..
Since March 1991 Mr. Spiessens has been organizing and structuring investment funds for international financial companies. Over a period of 25 years he has been instrumental in the set-up and management of dozens of different investment funds mostly in the derivatives area like Hedge Funds and Managed Futures Funds. In doing so he worked together with large financial companies on a number of projects. Among others he worked on investment funds with Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) the London branch, Bear Stearns in New York, MeesPierson Bank in Amsterdam the Netherlands, MeesPierson Fund Services in Nassau the Bahamas, Theodoor Gilissen Bank in Amsterdam the Netherlands etc.
He also structured single advisor funds for Trading Companies like for example Coral Rock in the USA.
Prior to that Mr. Spiessens was the General Manager for Belgium of I.M.G. Holland B.V., a member of the Amsterdam Exchanges formerly known as the European Options Exchange, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and the Amsterdam Futures Exchange. Prior thereto he was the General Manager for Belgium of Rocorp B.V. formerly known as Sure Options B.V., which was also a member of the Exchanges previously mentioned.