Frequently asked questions

  • Why would I invest in vineyards or a vineyard fund? 

    There are a variety of reasons why to invest in vineyards. First of all it is real estate in its purest form. It is in fact mostly agricultural land which can never become obsolete, out of style or unnecessary. Therefore, it is a safe investment and a great hedge against future periods of inflation that are likely to come due to the unlimited printing of money by central banks all over the world. Moreover, it is agricultural land that produces a product that is liked and loved by millions of people all over the world. Provided you make great quality wines with your product.

  • What are the main target countries of the Fund and why?

    The initial target countries of the Fund are Spain, France, Portugal, Romania and Italy. There are different reasons for each specific country. In general, the Fund will build a portfolio of different properties that should be complementary to each other. France and Italy have the most renowned properties and wines but at the same time the vineyards are very expensive. So the return on investment will not be so high. Spain and Portugal offer fabulous buying opportunities that may produce very high returns on investment very fast. Romania is a country for the future of wine. Large to very large properties with old vines and a great terroir can be acquired at low prices mostly due to the fact that Romanian wines are still pretty unknown to most wine lovers around the world except for those living in Eastern Europe and Russia.

  • What is the experience and expertise of the management of the Fund in making quality wines?

    The persons and companies managing the Fund´s properties have extensive experience and know-how in making premium quality wines. For over 20 years they have been making wines in Spain, France, Italy, Chili, Argentina, South-Africa and Moldova. Wines that very often won gold and silver medals in different wine competitions around the globe.

  • What is the minimum investment amount?


  • Is the Fund open to all investors?

    No unfortunately it is not. Vine to Wine is an alternative investment fund. Because of the laws and regulations on alternative investment funds in the EU it is restricted to qualified investors only. Institutional investors, professional investors, well-informed investors, high net-worth individuals and/or other authorised financial intermediaries.

  • What is the minimum period I should stay invested in the fund?

    Any investor should realize that this fund is a long-term investment as the underlying assets are illiquid by nature. The Fund opts for a buy and hold strategy and strives to develop every vineyard it owns into a top-quality domain that can generate high profits for many years to come.

  • How realistic is the anticipated return of 12% or more annually? 

    This is a very realistic expectation based on many years of experience in the wine business. Such return is based mostly on the private equity part of the business (the production and selling of wines) and hardly takes into account the expected significant increases in property values after converting non-profitable properties into model vineyards producing highly desired wines.

  • Does the Fund intend to pay dividends?

    Yes. The Fund intends to start paying dividends after 3 years of business. Minimum 50% of all net realised profits will be distributed to its shareholders. Dividends can be paid or converted into new shares.