10 December 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID19 situation and lockdowns in many countries, including the Fund´s home country Luxembourg, the management of the Fund decided to postpone all of its presentation meetings in several European countries until further notice.
Because of this the initial offering period for the Fund will be moved to the first half of 2021.
The dates of the Fund´s initial offering period will be announced asap on this website.
All investors who have already expressed their interest in the Fund will be informed by e-mail of these new dates. For all others keep an eye on our website.
The management of the Fund likes to take the opportunity to wish good health to everyone in these exceptionally difficult times.

24 June 2020

Carlos Ruben the famous Spanish winemaker, “La voz de la Garnacha” (the voice of the Grenache) has been appointed as the Fund´s prime wine maker and supervisor of its Spanish vineyards and local winemakers.